SECINT UxV Products - Aerospace Technology for a developing world

A core element to the SecInt Group business is ownership of its intellectual property and also acquisition of IP for further development.  Since 2015 SecInt has been developing its UxV platforms along with enhancing its experience and testing in its robotics and controller standardisation.

Standardisation of equipment has been an important development step allowing fast transition for engineers, crew and clients from one platform to another. 


Along with some acquisitions SecInt Group for 2024 has the ability to provide government agencies and private contractors these UxV products.  Whilst understanding that our clients needs are usually immediate, we try to keep some working versions of each UxV and crew available for immediate deployment.

As financing can also be complex for developing nations and their commercial partners, SecInt Group can provide various leased options and capital financing of our equipment and services.


Financed options could also include operational crew support and training packages intelligence analysis.

If our core products don’t fit your needs then talk to about our Rapid Intelligence Platforms for special operations developments.

Clients for our products have included local government departments, security and defence contractors, international mining organisations, agricultural plantations, universities and even the European Space Agency.

Whilst we have a network of representatives and offices globally, we constantly welcome developing close relationships with partners especially in the defence and law-enforcement markets.  SecInt Group will happily provide its UxVs under your brand as your internal UxV operator.

Click on the picture to see more details of each of our current manned and unmanned products.


The SecInt EM-10 Hypersonic UxV Combat Development Platform

In 2003 Polish government instructed the prototype development of a hypersonic 2-seat jet trainer. The project was never progressed past the first flying development model. 

Ten years later SecInt Group agreed the acquisition over the IP for airframe, design and production with a view to our largest development yet, a new AI, ML Combat Training UAV.    


SecInt is not the first to develop this kind of a UxV, take a look at Boeing’s current project, a modified F-16 rebranded QF-16. QF-16 ( 

What this does show us is the fast moving pace of the UxV market and the need for faster lower cost production products from organisations like SecInt Group.

For further information on the SECINT EM-10 Hypersonic UXV development, please get in touch, using the contact button below