Cost Effective ISR Manned or UxV for Urban & Marine Ops

In Partnership with the trusted Cessna-172/182 Airframe.

Based around one of the worlds most longstanding & trusted airframe. SecInt Group provides a specialist ISR design & FAA certified refit to the Cessna 172/182. The SecInt-C172ISR provides developing nations & law enforcement airborne ISR capability at a price point unmatched. Modify your existing Cessna aircraft with the SecInt ISR design.

SECINT-C172ISR’s unmatched reliability & low maintenance costs provides clients with a manned aircraft that maximise budget constraints & can even be financed or leased into operating budget rather than capital cost.

Law enforcement can operate a civilian looking aircraft rather than military looking in urban areas.

Reliable & Easy to Maintain

Low Maintenance- With its 50-hour check cycle intervals & a yearly annual, the C172ISR has the lowest maintenance cost requirements.

Multi fuel- With its engine certified for mogas & well as avgas, it is ideal for remote ops with limited fuels types.

Quality Components- By utilising well proven, reliable & globally supported systems, we ensure that high-quality, reliable support is always within reach anywhere in the world

SECINT-C172ISR Long-Range Fuel Tanks

Modified with permanent wing-tip fuel tanks, the SecInt C172ISR can operate for over 7 hours. The aircraft can operate with easy to access vehicle fuel. Diesel versions also an option.

How can the SecInt-172ISR Meet Your Bespoke Needs?

This aircraft is ideally equipped to support surveillance operations including counter terrorism, serious and organized crime including counter narcotics, border security and safer city projects. This aircraft can be quickly modified to carry radar and automatic Identification of shipping for maritime patrol. Under the SecInt-C172ISR design programme various other SigInt and Visual sensors can easily be installed to the platform. A key equipment installation is GSM and Satellite phone IMSI catching and inception. Targeting at the most effective price point.

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