The Fenice UAV Performing Further with More Payload

A SecInt OEM airframe with a 30+ year heritage. Now 1000km range, 170kg payload and hardpoints built into the fuselage structure.

The SecInt-Fenice UAV is built to last, which is why aircraft that were built in the early 1980s originally as a manned aerobatic aircraft remain in service today and certified by CAA, FAA, EASA and various other aviation regulators. The SecInt redesign, now on version 3 of our build cycle, is built with rugged reliability and unmatched cost of operations not currently seen in a law-enforcement UxV with this payload capacity.  The base platform has proved itself, operating in some of the toughest environments an aircraft platform can face.

Made from low radar signature moulded fiberglass, capable as standard of 1000km range and carrying a 170kg payload. Able to be transported in a Mercedes Sprinter size van.

The SecInt-Fenice has operated in Ukraine, Indonesia, Poland, Cyprus and the UK.

The asset is designed to operate in various roles ranging from ImInt, SigInt, to Kinetic.  With its 150kg of underbelly payload it is also ideal for forward operating base deployment as well as cargo and humanitarian operations.  Designed to become part of the wider intelligence picture allowing tasking to become more effective especially with SecInt’s training team.

Sensors & Technologies

Increased capacity and higher all up weight allow the aircraft to be equipped with a broad array of the latest sensors and technologies, whilst also increasing the maximum endurance of the aircraft.

How can the SecInt-Fenice Meet Your Bespoke Needs?

This aircraft is ideally equipped to support surveillance operations including counter terrorism, serious and organized crime including counter narcotics, border security and safer city projects. This aircraft can be quickly modified to carry radar and automatic Identification of shipping for maritime patrol. Under the SecInt-Fenice design programme various other SigInt and Visual sensors can easily be installed to the platform.  Built in our Polish factory the UxA airframe can also be built and tested to known standardisations such as  FAA, EASA, DO-160 or NATO’s STANAG.

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