SecInt Group engineering is split into two sections, firstly our aerospace technology and UxV airframe developments.  This is currently operated from our base in Poland and incorporates airframe design then systems and robotic integration.  R&D has traditionally been performed at the SecInt facility in the United Kingdom.   

The second part to the SecInt engineering is a mix of what we call “Rapid Intelligence Platforms” and an operational team of specialist intelligence personnel.  The departments focus is the modification of existing airframes and vessels, several of which have not been operational with the client for many years, modifying them, often in-country into UxVs for repurposed operations. Typically these types of short-term operations are to provide robotic expertise to the client wishing to implement an UxV into a highly volatile environment such as marine piracy area or jungle narcotic farms.  

Why a Rapid Intelligence Platforms?

Simply put the fusion of robotics and modern system controllers into existing airworthy or seaworthy platforms offers clients the ability to avoid timely delays in operational needs of an UxV.

For many developing nations not only is time an issue but the build and development costs of a new platform is often prohibitive to a project. 

SecInt Group has applied its technology and systems on behalf of clients to jetskis for search and rescue and border control purposes.  These UxVs are capable of moving at 70mph and travelling 300nm out to seas in a sea state 6, greatly reducing threat to life and providing vital intelligence at sea.

Who are Rapid Intelligence Platforms For?

In a rapidly changing world, where borders are constantly under conflict our intelligence and operational needs are required to focus on the speed to operational teams, accuracy and depth of data or safe penetration of the area.  Typically a SecInt client is often a contractor to special operations groups within a country’s law enforcement or border control.

SecInt Group has designed and implemented a robotic modular modification system with encrypted communications to quickly modify aircraft and vessels to perform the required tasks hundreds of km’s away from the safety of a mobile or static control room. In many cases an aircraft or vessel such as a jetski or rib can be operational as an UxV within 2-weeks.

What size platforms can the technology be applied to?

SecInt Group robotic systems and controllers are designed to be modular irrespective of size of the UxV platform.  The largest we modified for a client was a 5ton aircraft for a university client.  The smallest UxV has been no more than 2kg utilising the same controller systems.

SecInt Group Development of FENICE UAV

The video below gives a brief overview of the development process and aerospace engineering facilities in Poland. From idea to design to prototype builds and then into operations.  SecInt-Fenice was built in a 2-year period and by the 3rd year in operations, a tribute to the SecInt capabilities.