QUESTUAV originally a high-precision mapping UAV

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Acquired in 2022 by SecInt Group, QuestUAV has been in existence for nearly 20-years manufacturing and designing hand-launchable fixed-wing drones specifically for the global mapping and survey industries.  Clients have included local government departments, international mining organisations, agricultural plantations, universities and even the European Space Agency.

Made from a highly dense expanded polypropylene (EPP) foam capable of 30km range and carrying a 1.0kg payload. Multiple uses in commercial, law-enforcement and defence industries.

Typically carrying small, high-precision imagery sensors monitoring changes in vast amounts of land or identifying crop deterioration, SecInt Group has enhanced the QuestUAV platform and modified versions of it for law-enforcement and defence applications under the product brand of “SecInt-Datahawk”.

In 2022/3 versions of the Datahawk UxV were operated in the current conflict areas of Ukraine.  The airframe design and technology is also combat proven in operations in the same region.  

In 2024 the SecInt-Datahawk is planned to be integrated with the company’s first stages of AI, MI and Swarming technology into this hand-launchable UxA. Versions of the same technology will later be progressed into the SecInt-Fenice platforms.

Sensors & Technologies

Increased range and higher all up weight allow the SecInt-Datahawk to be equipped with a broad array of the latest sensors and technologies, whilst also increasing the maximum endurance of the aircraft.

How can the SecInt-Datahawk Meet Your Bespoke Needs?

An easy to use, hand-launchable airframe ideally equipped to support surveillance operations including counter terrorism, counter narcotics, border security and humanitarian operations such as identifying heat signatures of survivors buried within destroyed buildings.  A typical range of circa 30km gives land forces real-time imagery to reduce risk whilst providing actionable intelligence on the ground.

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