Our goal to provide custom affordable UxV solutions, enabling clients to target long-term economic, social and security threats in marine and at border environments. An aerospace and robotics technology group implementing AI & ML developments.

Objectives - AI & ML

Currently providing cost-effective integration of robotics into various Unmanned Vehicles (UxVs) for airborne, marine & land operations. Utilising our own OEM air platforms and other COTs OEM platforms for deployment of ISR, ISTAR and Kinetic equipment.

Our current R&D objective is to further our technology integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) into our air and marine platforms for combatting real-world scenarios faced by global law-enforcement, intelligence services and special operations groups.


Robotics integration | Aircraft manufacturing | Implementing intelligence cell | Special operations contracting | Project financing for developing nations and contractors | End-product manufacturer of SecInt-Orka aircraft, SecInt-QuestUAV, SecInt-Fenice UAV.


SecInt Group is a rare mix of UxV research and development (R&D), UxV robotics integrator, UxV operations and UxV financing.  Privately owned and with experience in operating and training globally in the most hostile environments. The core management has decades of both military and aerospace experience. The SecInt UxV products and UxV developments are ideal for common global humanitarian and security threats such as Illegal Fishing, Illegal Bunkering, Narcotics Trafficking, Humanitarian Front-Line Drops, Intelligence Gathering & Counter Insurgency Operations.

SecInt is a unique technology and aerospace contractor specializing in the one of the globes fastest moving, highest growth industries, unaffected by usual financial downturns.

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