The ORKA Performs Where Others Can't, A Bespoke ISR Solution

Our flagship airborne asset. 

Introducing the SECINT-ORKA. SecInt Air Support’s latest lightweight ISR twin-engine acquisition. We are excited to move into the next phase of our development with the acquisition of what was known as the Orka airframe in Europe and its IP, now known as SECINT-ORKA.

Our SECINT-ORKA bespoke ISR solution can provide essential aid to common problems such as Illegal Fishing, Illegal Bunkering, Narcotics Trafficking, Intelligence Gathering & Insurgency aid.

Designed to integrate into law enforcement, military & intelligence services current operational capabilities

The asset becomes part of the wider intelligence picture allowing tasking to become more effective especially with SecInt’s training team.

Our ORKA aircraft go through an extensive SecInt ISR design program to be modified into a modern low-cost ISR aircraft under the SecInt-ORKA brand. The SecInt-ORKA combines the simplicity of single pilot operation with the capability and feel of a small airliner.

Sensors & Technologies

Increased capacity and higher all up weight allow the aircraft to be equipped with a broad array of the latest sensors and technologies, whilst also increasing the maximum endurance of the aircraft.

How can the SecInt-ORKA Meet Your Bespoke Needs?

This aircraft is ideally equipped to support surveillance operations including counter terrorism, serious and organized crime including counter narcotics, border security and safer city projects. This aircraft can be quickly modified to carry radar and automatic Identification of shipping for maritime patrol. Under the SecInt-ORKA design programme various other SigInt and Visual sensors can easily be installed to the platform.

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